Cooliance LED HeatsinkAs municipalities seek methods to reduce their operating costs, many are focusing on the power consumption of their streetlight infrastructure. Similarly, indoor agriculture is shifting to the increased efficiencies offered by LED lighting.

Our new CRPL range of rectangular pin-fin heat sinks offers the same benefits as our established round pin-fin range but in a format suitable to street, outdoor and indoor agricultural lighting.

  • Pin-fin design (3mm Dia. pins) in one-piece cold-forged aluminum for maximum heat transfer
  • High-quality aesthetic finish
  • 10mm base for security and design flexibility
  • Thermal resistance: ~0.75°C/W. (distributed thermal load)
  • Perfect for IP 68 (or better) applications

Available in numerous sizes to meet your application requirements.

For More Information, contact: 

Kraig Pereira

Phone: 401.921.6500


60 Alhambra,

Warwick, RI 02886