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NEBS cPCI Systems Solutions

Physical Size
Height 3U to 20U, Width 19", 23" or ETSI mounting, Depth up to 30".

Slot Configuration
Typical slot configuration is on 4HP (0.8" centers).

Card Guides
Depths up to 400mm, slot widths up to 2.5mm.

3U or 6U pluggable power supply options up to 400 watts per supply, redundant configurations, universal AC input with PFC, or DC options including 24VDC and 48VDC.

  • NEBS testing and certification
  • Redundant cPCI backplanes with H.110 bus
  • Hot-swap power supplies
  • Hot-swap low profile blowers
  • Redundant hot swap fan trays
  • Custom backplane design
  • Level 1-5 integration services
  • Multiple CAD platform support
cPCI & VME Enclosures
Enclosures and Cabinets


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