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nVent Schroff

Calgreg Electronics is proud to carry the nVent Schroff electronic cabinet and enclosure line. We feature nVentSchroff products including electronic enclosures and cabinets, subracks and chassis, backplane designs and stampings.

We offer a full line of nVent Schroff standard, modified and custom indoor electronic enclosures. This includes 19" rackmount cabinets, wallmount electronic enclosures, desktop or portable aluminum cases and a wide range of accessories.

Calgreg and nVent Schroff offer a wide variety of electronic packaging solutions for virtually every environment and application. Our sales staff will assist you in selecting the correct nVentSchroff electronic enclosure or cabinet to match your exact needs.

nVent Schroff electronic cabinets and enclosures are manufactured to exact standards. We can help you with the design, production and integration of your enclosure project whether it's an outdoor aluminum cabinet, a high volume stamping chassis, or a custom CompactPCI system featuring nVent Schroff brand components.

We stock many of the standard electronic enclosure products you see featured here. Call us for all your cabinet, electronic enclosure enclosure and electrnic packaging needs.

Cal greg is your source for nVent Schroff electronic enclosures and cabinets.

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