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Ironwood Electronics

Ironwood Electronics offers the most comprehensive line of sockets and adapters for prototyping, testing, and production applications. We believe that our quality is unsurpassed.

Our GHz BGA socket designs combine the smallest footprint with the highest possible performance. They support pitches from 1.27mm down to 0.8mm.

We offer over 500 adapters for converting IC packaging and device pinouts, solving many IC availability and performance issues. We also offer "fix" adapters to solve layout problems and some known chip deficiences.

Our high performance GHzBGA sockets join Ironwood's line of sockets and receptacles for BGA, MGA, PGA, QIP, and QFP packages. We also offer parts that provide sockets for in-circuit emulators.

Extenders and Rotators avoid obstacles and facilitate access into hard to reach areas. We offer a number of standard PLCC extenders. Ironwood also develops many custom parts for unique spaces, often required by in-circuit emulator applications.

We offer probing adapters and logic analyzer adapters for all SMT package types, as well as socket probes for DIP and PLCC. We are Agilent and Tektronix partners. In addition, we offer adapters to facilitate the use of in-circuit emulators and FPGA development systems.

Ironwood has developed the industry's widest range of interconnection adapters for testing and socketing of surface mount technology. We offer SMT bases and thru-hole adapters for BGA, PLCC, QFP, and SOIC packages.

We offer probing adaptors and logic analyzer adapters for all SMT package types, as well as PGA, QIP, and DIP. We are Agilent and Tektronics partners.

Programming Adapters allow the programming of PROM, PLD, EPROM, EEPROM or PAL devices on programmers or ATE equipment with DIP sockets. We support PLCC, LCC, PGA, SOIC (including TSOP), FP, BGA and QFP packages.

  • Extenders and Rotators
  • GHz BGA Sockets
  • IC Device and Package Converters
  • Probing and Analysis Adapters
  • Programming Adapters
  • Prototyping Adapters
  • Sockets and Receptacles
  • Surface Mount Package Emulation


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