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InterCon Systems

Since its founding in 1985, InterCon Systems has established itself as an industry innovator in high density, high speed electronic connector systems. The company offers a broad range of products, including .050" and 1 millimeter centerline board connectors, high speed cable and flex circuit assemblies, and new products such as the cLGA Socket line. These products are used in a wide array of industries, from data processing, test and instumentation, and telecommunications to consumer and medical electronics. InterCon products can be found in customer systems which range from supercomputers to hand held pagers.

  • cLGA Socket System
  • C-Byte Compression Connector System
  • Custom Interconnection Systems
  • Flex Circuit Assembly System
  • High Speed Cable Assembly System
  • InterCon50 Connector System
  • InterCon1mm Connector System
  • Medical Electronics Products


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