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Idea, Inc.

Established in 1986, IDEA has steadily grown to become one of the most reliable and service oriented LED product manufacturers in the United States.

All of IDEA's LED indicators are assembled in the United States, enabling IDEA to provide excellent quality, delivery and customer service. Our technical support staff is ready to offer solutions for a wide variety of customer needs. IDEA maintains a large selection of components in stock to respond to most production needs.

  • Direct View Indicators & Arrays
  • Indicators
  • Infrared Products
  • J & K Series Thru Hole LEDs
  • J, K, Blue & White Series Typical E/0 Curves
  • J Series Surface Mount LEDs
  • Right Angle Arrays
  • Right Angle Indicators
  • Round, Panel Mount Indicators
  • Standard LED Lamps
  • Standard Surface Mount LEDs
  • Through-hole Lamps


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