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Tyco Electronics TCP Heat Sink

Tyco Electronics has released its newest thermal solution - the Thermally Conductive Polymer (TCP) heat sink.

This heat sink offers users a low weight heatsink that is optimal for low watt, high volume applications. This is a cost-effective alternative to heat sinks that require secondary machining.

If you would like more information on this heat sink, please do not hesitate to contact our sales department at 888-732-6100.


Abbatron Product Line

We are happy to announce the addition of the Abbatron (formerly HH Smith) electronic hardware product line to our offering. Abbatron manufactures:

  • Connectors
  • Hardware
  • Plugs
  • Jacks
  • Posts
  • Spacers
  • Standoffs
  • Test Accessories
  • New Ault Products

    The MW136 products are designed specifically for medical OEMs. This is a 60-watt series available in 4 models: 12V, 15V, 18V & 24V. These products are ideal for a broad array of applications: monitors, oxygen concentrators, pain management, and medical imaging equipment.

    The PW136 switch-mode power supply is designed for OEMs requiring 23 to 60 watts. Nine models are available in voltages ranging from 3.3V to 48V. Modified and custom designed options are also available.

    Designed for today?s emerging Power Over Ethernet (POE) applications, the PW130 (photo shown) is a Power injector providing power through RJ45 jacks as well as data over a single Ethernet cable.

    Please contact Don Warnock at 888-732-6100 for more information regarding Ault?s new products.

    New Aries Products

    High Density Pinball Socket w/ Heatsink:(shown on homepage)Aries has introduced a high pin count (over 1,400 balls) version of its unique PinBall Socket featuring a customized heatsink designed for high-end graphics processors. Can be soldered directly to the existing footprint of a PC board further increasing packaging density.

    Test Sockets:
    ?Center Probe Sockets are Aries? answer for reliable area array package socket. Unique style of probes will work for any application. Pitches are available down to 0.5mm with frequency response over 10GHz! (shown in picture at left)
    ?Microstrip Sockets use patented Microstrip Contacts which lie flat on the DUT board, and become part of the transmission line. Self-inductance as low as 0.01nH and frequency response to 19 Ghz.
    ?The High Frequency Interposer Socket is a combination of the high frequency Microstrip Contact, with the close component placement of the spring probe socket. Signal path can be as short as .008? (.203mm) and pad layout can be identical to package footprint.

    CSP Ballnest Hybrid Sockets:Any grid size available on .50mm pitch or larger. Socket lid rests device into socket for reliable connection. Socket easily located, mounted, and removed from PCB. Signal path during test only .077? (1.92mm). 4 point crown insures ?scrub? on solder oxides.

    Lyn-Tron Product Line

    Calgreg is pleased to announce we now offer the Lyn-Tron product line. Lyn-Tron is a manufacturer of electronic and connector hardware.

    New Weco Offering

    The 158-A series is built in two versions. 158-A-111 is a 18.4mm profile version and 158-A-211 is a 22mm profile version The extended barrier walls on the front of 158-A-211 add an extra finger protection. Universal combi-screws enhance torque.

    ? Power connector
    ? Dovetail version
    ? Wire entrance parallel to PC Board
    ? 2 PCB pins per pole confer equal current flow distribution
    ? With test holes
    ? Elevator-style clamping mechanism


    Brain Teaser Solutions!

    If you receive our newsletters, a new feature added is a Brain Teaser. We will add the solutions for each newsletter?s brain teaser to this section by title.

    Something Fishy
    The head and tail of the fish are each 3 inches long. The rest is 9 inches.

    Trust Fund
    The man had $5,000 left for his grandchildren. The clues yield the following formula. $50,000=M+$10,000 + 1/3 ($50,000 - M)where M is the money his son got when he turned 21, being, in fact, $35,000. So the son?s 2 gifts add to $45,000 leaving $5,000 of the original $50,000 for the man?s grandchildren.

    Odd Number Out
    92 is the odd number out. All the others are divisable by 3, as is the sum of their individual digits.

    Missing Letters
    The 4 letters required are PUBL, making the partially spelt words: PUBLIC, PUBLISH, PUBLICITY

    The 2 letters required are WR, making the partially spelt words: WREN, WRONG, WRIGHT

    Book Stacks
    68 books. If the bottom book on each stack has its spine showing & the top one does too, that would give 17 books to a pile. (s = showing, n = not showing SNSNSNSNSNSNSNSNS). 17 x 4 = 68 books

    Short Fuses
    Light one fuse at both ends & at the same time light the second fuse at one end. When the first fuse has completely burned, you know that a 1/2 hour has elapsed; and more relevantly, that the second fuse has a 1/2 hour to go. At this time, light the second fuse from the other end. This will cause it to burn out in 15 more minutes. At that point, exactly 45 minutes will have elapsed.

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    TCP Heat Sink Data Sheets


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