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Fans & Heatsinks

Calgreg Electronics, Inc. can provide a variety of solutions for your thermal management needs. Some of the solultions we can offer you are as follows:

Heatsinks - BGA

Our BGA offering is the best in its class. We can provide Chip Cooler radial fin or forged active or passive heat sinks utilizing a clip that attaches to the chip. We also offer small extrusion and forged solutions with or without interface, as well as a thermally composite plastic solutions for package sizes from 15mm to 49mm.

BGA Thermal Management

Calgreg offers a complete line of heatsinks designed to meet Intel, AMD and custom system architecture. Our active/passive heatsink designs encompass folded fin technology, extrusions, cold forged, crimped fin and custom-machined designs. In addition, we can embed heatpipes into custom applications.

Processors Thermal Management

Our board level solutions consist of low-cost stamped or small extruded heat sinks, stamped heat sinks in aluminum or solderable tabs, small extruded heat sinks with preinserted solderable pins, and including interface pads.

Board Level Thermal Management

Our premium fans and blowers range in size from 25mm to 127mm and operate from 5 volts DC to 220 volts AC. We also offer IC function for alarms, tachometer and thermistor controls as well as thermostat technology which allows the fan to run only when the ambient temperature reaches the customer-specified temperature level.

Fans Thermal Management


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