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SCA-2 Receptacles

Single Connector Attachment, 2nd Version
PCB mount receptacles designed for direct attachment of SCSI & Fibre Channel disk drives

Developed for SCSI and FC-AL systems where devices make direct attachment with the backplane, or motherboard. 80-pin receptacle supports the SCSI-3 Parallel Interface. 40-pin meets the Fibre Channel-Arbitrated Loop Standard.


  • Single connector carrying power, data and auxiliary signals
  • Staggered contact heights enable hot-plugging
  • Alignment guide at each end houses advanced grounding contacts and allow blind mateability
  • Available in40 and 80 positions
  • Meets Fibre Channel-Arbitrated Loop and SCSI-3 Standards

Product Selection
Available as individual connectors. Three configurations to choose from.

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