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Serial ATA Cable and Connectors

Welcome to the Serial ATA (SATA) section of our website. Serial ATA. CalGreg is always abreast of the latest technology such as Serial ATA and will provide the expertise and knowledge our customers need.

What is Serial ATA and why is it being developed?
Serial ATA is an evolutionary replacement for the Parallel ATA physical storage interface. Serial ATA is scalable and will allow future enhancements to the computing platform.

Serial ATA is a drop-in solution in that it is compatible with today's software, which will run on the new architecture without modification. It will provide for systems which are easier to design, with cables that are simple to route and install, smaller cable connectors, improve silicon design, and lower voltages which alleviate the Serial ATA adoption by the industry will follow a phased transition path. There will be a point where both Parallel and Serial ATA capabilities are available current design requirements in Parallel ATA.

End users will benefit by being able to easily upgrade their storage devices. Configuration of Serial ATA devices will be much simpler, with many of today's requirements on jumper and settings no longer needed.

CalGreg represents Circuit Assembly that features a line of Serial ATA Connectors as well as Serial ATA Assemblies and Serial ATA cables. Click this Serial ATA PRODUCT link to view these new products.

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