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Aries Electronics, Inc.

Aries Electronics, Inc., is a manufacturer of a broad range of interconnect products and Correct-A-Chip technology. Aries Electronics, Inc. was incorporated in 1972. The company was started when the founders purchased the back panel line from Thomas and Betts Corporation. This line included IC sockets, headers and printed circuit cards. Under Aries the line has expanded to encompass a wide variety of packaging products, including sockets. Aries is the recognized industry leader in Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) test sockets for DIP, PGA, PLCC and SOIC devices, and continues to be a significant source for a wide variety of specialty electronic connectors. In recent years the company has made major inroads in the market for high temperature sockets and flexible cable products. The addition of the Correct-A-Chip product line established the company as a major source for "intelligent connectors" (incorporating other components, both passive and active), adapters (connectors that allow the use of one termination style on a board designed for a different termination style). Most recently, the company has developed and patented several concepts for BGA (ball grid array) and LGA (land grid array) sockets, and has acquired a high frequency test and burn in socket line, furthering growth in the test socket market.

  • BGA Footprints
  • BGA Sockets
  • Cable Assemblies
  • Correct-A-Chip (Adaptors)
  • DIP/SIP Sockets & Headers
  • Display (Verti) Sockets
  • High Frequency (RF)
  • Programming Devices
  • PGA and Other Product
  • PGA Footprints
  • Tools
  • ZIF and Test Sockets

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