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American Bright Optoelectronics

American Bright and CalGreg can meet fast delivery requirements on a wide selection of LED lamps, SMT, Axial Leads, IR Emitters, Photo Transistors and other products, while providing an immediate resource for applications assistance. We will be gald to send you a quote or additional information ofr any LED products. Simply use the form below and your LED quote will be on its way. American Bright products include.

Surface Mount LED
  • Axial LED Lamps
  • Surface Mount Blinking Chip
  • Surface Mount Chips LED Lamps
  • Surface Mount Dual-Full Chip LED Lamps
  • Surface Mount Infrared Emitting Diodes
  • Surface Mount Photo Diodes
  • Surface Mount Photo Transistors
  • Surface Mount Resistor Chip LED Lamps
LED Lamp
  • Backlight LED Lamps
  • Based LED Lamps
  • Bigger Size LED Lamps
  • Blinking LED Lamps
  • Blue LED Lamps
  • Dual-Chip & Tri-State LED Lamps
  • Dual-Chip LED Lamps
  • Flux LED Lamps
  • Infrared Emitting Diodes
  • LED Cluster Lamps
  • Low Current LED Lamps
  • Photo Interrupters
  • Resistor LED Lamps
  • Silicon Photo Diodes
  • Standard LED Lamps
  • Ultra Bright LED Lamps
  • White LED Lamps
LED Displays
  • Dual Digit LED Displays
  • Five & Six Digit LED Displays
  • Five Digit LED Displays
  • Four Digit LED Displays
  • LED Clock Display
  • LED Dot Matrix Display
  • LED Light Bar & Bar Graph Arrays
  • Multi-Color LED
  • Single Digit LED Displays
  • Three Digit LED Displays

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