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PLCC Adapters with Murphy Ciruits®

Adapters for Jedec .050" (1.27mm) Pitch PLCC's (Leaded Type A)

  • Adapter allows present PLCC devices to be solderable or socketable in a thru-hole application
  • Molded locating ribs aid in device placement.
  • Ribs between "J" leads eliminate shorting.
  • Adapts JEDEC PLCC packages to standard PGA footprints.
  • .100" (2.54mm) pin to pin spacing allows more space for conductor runs on PCB.
  • Polarization pin option available.
  • Saves space (X, Y, & Z) when used with Advanced PGA (LIF) sockets.
  • Allows testing with standard test clips.
  • Standoffs aid soldering operation.
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