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Adapters & Sockets
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Advanced® Adapters provide high quality, proven solutions to your interconnect needs. We offer a wide variety of standard adapters, including PLCC with patented Murphy Circuits®, SOIC, and BGA. And, with industry-leading R&D, design, and production capabilities, our ability to meet the requirements of custom adapter applications is virtually limitless.

  1. thousands of standard solutions including SOIC to DIP or PLCC to PGA
  2. common and custom from-to configurations
  3. design solutions for device package transition (ex. PGA to PQFP)
  4. device enhancements or corrections by adding passive components
  5. complete surface mount facility in-house for turn-key solutions
  6. Full line of SunhayatoT Test Emulator and Package Conversion Adapters available exclusively from Advanced Interconnections.

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